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Rules of Play

Please note children are the responsibility of parents/guardians and should be supervised at all times whilst using the equipment. Junglecatz staff do try to ensure the safety of all visitors, but we must ask that children are supervised at all times using the facilities. Children should be under 1.30m tall and under 8 years of age to use the play area.

  • As a parent/guardian you are responsible for your child/children at all times. This means you must ensure that your child understands the rules of play and that they can manage the equipment safely.

  • Only children aged 7 years and under are permitted to play.

  • Our play areas have been classified safe to be used by children within specific age ranges:

    Baby area 0 to 2 years (Babies and toddlers should not use the main climbing facilities unless under supervision of their adult.)

    Large Play frame 2 to 7 years

  • The management and staff team will enforce these age limits for insurance purposes and for the Health and Safety of all visitors.

  • To regulate the number of customers on the premises at any one time and reserves the right to limit play to 2 hours at busy periods, to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all customers. Customers will be notified of any time limit to their play session upon check in.

  • We recommend arms and legs are covered at all times to prevent friction burns. Clothing should be tucked in and any jewellery, pin badges or clothing with cords should be removed.

  • Climbing the netting, entry/exit gates and the furniture is not allowed. We will not tolerate abuse and misuse of soft play equipment.

  • Fighting, bullying or any behavior deemed destructive or in any way inappropriate will not be tolerated. Bullies may be asked to leave.

  • We ask that you report all accidents to a member of staff, to ensure that we can provide any necessary assistance and minimise the potential of re-occurrence. These will be logged and are an important part of ongoing safety audits. We are not held responsible for injuries sustained to parents/carers whilst using the soft play equipment.

  • Do not climb the slides or play in front on the slide exits.

  • Smoking (including e-cigarettes) or the use of fire within the building or on the premises is forbidden with the exception of birthday candles at pre-booked parties.

  • For hygiene reasons, socks must be worn at all times by anyone using the play equipment. No food or drink to be taken on the soft play area. Shoes must be removed before entering the play frame.

  • Customers must adhere to any verbal instructions given by staff along with the signage that appears throughout the play centre – we want you to be safe and enjoy your visit.

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